Pandora Visualizer

Music videos are fine and dandy little treats for music lovers. The thing here is that sometimes you really don’t want to watch a video while you’re listening to awesome tunes. Sometimes you just want to zone out with something weird, and not really connected to any form of message or meaning. Opposed to that are videos that don’t really make sense like the video for ‘do anything for love’ and the one for that Erasure song ‘Always.’ Of course, there is some type of entertainment value with those kinds of things, but it just helps to appreciate music with visuals that go with the flow. So in that respect, why don’t you try Pandora App visualizer?


The Bad News

If you’re looking for a visualizer, then you’re kind of out of luck when it comes to Pandora. It doesn’t have one so you’re stuck with static images. However, with a bit of creativity, you can download a different kind of application that can emulate a visualizer. To do this, you won’t need a ton of know how or technical expertise as it often boils down to a simple installation. You just have to find the right program to do it with. There are quite a few, and if you really want to enhance Pandora radio on your desktop you should try installing this program.

Programs that exploit your Mixer

An easy way to bypass the problem with Pandora App is to directly go for your computer’s mixer. It handles most output anyway, so you won’t have to go through unnecessary hoops just to make this work on your Pandora account. The first program you should go for to exploit this is one that was meant as a plugin for Winamp.


Okay, first off the plate of selections is this simple little dandy. It may have been designed for Winamp, but it still has a standalone feature that lets you download and install the thing immediately. The way it works is that it basically bypasses the need for you to attach the visualizer to any program. Instead, it installs and listens in to your default sound mixer within your computer. Mix that with Pandora, and you get your visualization of whatever track you want.


Another one you might want to look into is Morphyre. This one is a little more complicated as you have to hook it up through recording. However, it is real time and professionals use this program to brighten up parties with real time visualizations. The thing is you’ll be limited to the demo version unless you want to spend a bit of cash for it. The beauty here is that when you buy it, you get to choose from thousands of backgrounds, or you can let the program shuffle and pick for you.

Besides these two, there are a few more programs you can turn to and use. The problem is that they do delve into more technical aspects of recording and such. Putting on such an effort for Pandora App does indicate how good it is, but if you can’t hack it, just turn to windows media player, play a sample track, and mute the audio so it seems like you have an visualizer.