Pandora Equalizer

For audiophiles, sound quality is everything in streaming, .flac is king, and people tend to stay away from the lower quality .mp3 files. So it’s only natural that people would want the same out of an online radio station. In this case, people often want to up the quality if a track in Pandora App. Namely, they want to do this through the use of a Pandora equalizer. If you’re one of those people that are looking for a good solution to their audio needs, and when it comes to Pandora, then you might be a bit disappointed.

Equalizing is hard

Equalizing manually has always had its own benefits. You get to learn about reverb and different tones, and mostly, you learn how to work with sound properly. The problem with Pandora is that it doesn’t have an equalizer, and at the same time, it doesn’t pass through any other player but through itself. This conundrum presents two specific challenges. The first one is that you can alter the computer’s equalizer to fix the sound, and the second is that you can’t use other players to do that to Pandora App either. The first problem can’t be solved because Windows doesn’t have a default mixer anymore, and even when it does, it has low sound quality to begin with. You can pass Pandora’s sound through other means either because Pandora has its own special Flash Player, which prevents sound from being altered with other programs.

These issues wouldn’t be too big if Pandora itself had an equalizer, but unfortunately it doesn’t, so you will be stuck looking for fixer-uppers on your own here.

What are the possible Solutions?

To solve this equalization issue, you have to go either extremely technical or through high quality gear. Since the assumption here is that you don’t know much about tech, programming, or altering programs, the technical solution should be something you seek out yourself. It involves Winamp and a few alterations made through a certain plugin file integral to Winamp’s functionality. If you fail at this, you might end up with a broken Winamp so proceed with caution.

For Hardware solutions, there is only really one way you can improve the sound from Pandora App. You have to buy much better gear, and that might cost you a pretty penny. Firstly, your headphones will be upgraded to a higher quality pair. Usually, that might ring you up around 50 dollars alone. However, buying headphones like these is worth it, as the hardware used to make them enhance acoustics and general sound quality.

You can also turn to much better speakers, as buying a better set will also allow you to enjoy your movies and other media better. Expect to spend a bit more for this kind of enhancement though, as speakers can jump up into the hundreds mark for higher quality stuff.

Any which way you decide to handle it, remember that Pandora App is not meant for supremely high quality sound. At the same time, by default, it already has some of the best sound in comparison to other radio sites. Take listen, and find out for yourself, you just might enjoy the sound you hear this time