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Pandora is a free internet radio that you can use to listen to unlimited amount of songs. Pandora analyzes your music taste and┬ápreferences overtime and suggest new songs for you liking. With this cool online radio you get exposed to unlimited music genres and new songs everyday, songs which suit your music interests! Pandora has a great visualizer and equalizer, and even a physical radio – so get your groove on with Pandora!

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How Pandora Works:

Pandora uses an very special and advanced algorithm that was first convinced 10 years ago. Music Genome Project is the most in-depth and comprehensive music analysis project that was ever made with one goal is mind – to understand the essence of music and the breakdown the “DNA” of music with a special algorithm developed by a team of hundreds of top musicians and composers. Pandora uses this special algorithm to detect and tailor music according to your taste – the more information you feed to it (by rating songs) the more it will artificially understand what kinds of songs you’ll love hearing.

What it means:

Quite simple, it means that Pandora can essentially know which music you’ll like. It means that you don’t have to listen to the MTV for 20 hours straight to find a song like, but rather than give Pandora an hour or two of initial setup, and thumb-up or down songs you like during the first session. From here on after, you’ll be amazed at how “wise” the program is, and how it can pinpoint and “know” which songs you will love. Just give it a go, will ya?